view of Carcassonne, Aude, Languedoc

Complementary therapies are offered during your stay by a qualified therapist, Vladimir Hutchings, with a diploma in holistic and sports therapies from the International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies. We have a dedicated, private therapy room, facing the river, with the soothing sounds of a waterfall. Our therapies provide anything from simple relaxation, to relief from many common ailments, including back/neck aches, headaches, stiffness, stress etc. A confidential health history is taken to ensure that all treatments given are tailored to suit the individual. Appointments can be arranged around your holiday in the south of France.

the rockpool, a calm setting

Therapies offered are :
Remedial massage
Indian head massage

Reflex zones in the feet form a precisely defined treatment on the anatomy of the body, in miniature. Using special techniques of holds and pressures on these regions, healing is both initiated and accelerated, bringing the same sensations of relaxation that a full body massage can produce.
Reflexology -
reduces stress and induces deep relaxation
improves circulation
cleanses the body of toxins and impurities
balances the whole system
revitalises energy
preventative healthcare

Reflexology has its origins in the ancient civilisations of China and Egypt. Studies by Eunice Ingham in the 1930’s developed a technique known as “the Ingham method of compression massage” and she referred to it as “reflexology”

spring blossom in Aude


Swedish massage developed in the 1800’s is defined as the manipulation of soft body tissue for therapeutic purposes. Skilful, well-schooled hands produce amazing effects, taking into account the client’s wishes, expectations and condition. Every massage is tailored to the client’s requirements. A stimulating massage has physical effects on the body and also psychological effects on the mind and spirit.

Physiological (body)
Increases blood and lymph flows
Returns blood and lymph to heart
Breaks down toxins (harmful substances)
in muscles and joints
Drains toxins and fluids
Helps the interchange of body fluids
(moves fluids in the body)
Tones/relaxes muscle tissue
Breaks down fat/cellulite
Stimulates body organs/nerves
Helps removal of waste

Psychological (mind)
Sleep inducing

Calming (nerves)
Reduces stress and tension

Can be invigorating, stimulating and revitalising

Indian head massage
An Indian tradition, practised for thousands of years is designed to stimulate, refresh and improve scalp circulation, strengthening hair growth and reducing headaches. Lymphatic drainage to the face area, relieves eye strain and stress relief.

Essential oils enhance the effects of massage. Properties of oils can have a positive effect on your well being. The physical benefits of massage, such as relaxed muscles, improved circulation and the physiological feelings of being cared for, produce a sense of well being.

Comments from previous clients

The best reflexology and massage available
Cathy Rush – Bexley, Kent

Pure bliss
Joanna Cezary – Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Treatments from Vladimir a must
Annette and Bob Farrar – Sheffield

The relaxing hands of Vladimir
Rob and Ann Byrne – Coventry

Special thanks for a massage to die for
Wendy Casey – Tamworth, Staffordshire

a holistic massage, a relaxing holiday

With Vladimir’s outstanding treatments we both had a most relaxing and wonderful holiday. Wrench to leave but what reassurance to know that this very special place is here to return to.
Lawrence and Natasha Webb – Highgate, London